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Here at Chris Party Rental we know that the process of organizing events may be quite time-consuming, particularly if you don’t already have the essential party rental equipment. Managing desks, chairs, and linens is only the beginning of the task at hand. A number of suppliers are available to choose from, and color coordination is important. Despite this, there is some good news: party rental equipment can alleviate many of the hassles that might arise during the event-planning phase. Party rental equipment provides a number of distinct benefits to purchasing your own.

Our Services

The advantages of renting linens, chairs, and other equipment are many and well-documented. When it comes to diversity, flexibility, control and cost-effectiveness, renting is a much better option than owning. Party Rental Bethesda MD  firms often provide a wide variety of things in a variety of designs to choose from. It’s now a simple matter of selecting the things you want and deciding how many of them to purchase for your event. Sushi-ordering is no more tough than this. It’s far more cost effective to rent than to purchase, particularly if you don’t have the room to keep a large amount of excess furniture.

Chris Party Rental is a comprehensive special event rental business that specializes in producing remarkable touches for life’s most memorable moments. Whether it’s wedding tent rentals or chairs, you will surely be able to get everything in this place. Even if you’re organizing a small gathering or a large celebration, our group of event specialists is ready to give you attractive items, experienced assistance, and the ability to work as a trustworthy person on your project. From beginning to end, our customer-focused staff is always trustworthy, on time, and prepared to deliver. Are you looking for the event tent rental? If yes, then Chris Party Rental is the optimum place for you.

Dc party rental staff understands how to organize a fantastic celebration!! We are a driven organization of seasoned event experts that are entirely committed to ensuring that you take center stage at your event or special occasion. In order to meet your requirements, make your event planning process enjoyable and simple, and guarantee that you and your attendees have an exceptional and memorable event, we are here to help. If you are searching for the right rental services then type party rental near me on google.

We like to think that we are basically known as “wizards of invention” by most of our customers. What we do is more than just predict trends; we actively create them. We offer party rental tables and chairs in every type of event in major cities including Bethesda MD. Unique collections from across the globe are brought in by our professional team of designers and buyers, who take great satisfaction in giving your special event a distinctive and contemporary style.r

Here are some of our best qualities:

Consistency and Quality

Our long-term clients and industry partners often gave us the word “consistency” as the reason for their continued business with us. After each party rental, we thoroughly verify every glass, plate, chair, and so on to ensure that we’re providing rentals of consistently high quality. Burnishing and polishing silverware takes place once a year. Individually packaged wooden chairs prevent chipping and scratching. As soon as you get an item that does not match your expectations for functionality or aesthetics, give us a call today so we can make things right for you.

Conversing style

The assistance of local caterers, event organizers and other industry specialists is typically solicited in the selection process. The events industry will continue to rise to new heights if we continue to work together and learn from one other. We provide the best wedding tent rentals around our area.

In the same way, we will respond to your individual vision and give comments to ensure that your event ambitions are realized. If you’re organizing a lavish wedding reception or a small backyard barbecue, our Dc party rental members will operate within your budget and provide unique recommendations.

Service and Experiential Learning

Our workforce is well-trained and has extensive expertise in a wide range of areas, from event management to logistics operations. With a combined quality years of rental industry expertise, our front-of-house crew is second to none, and our committed and loyal delivery team includes numerous personnel who have been with us for a long span of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We basically rent equipment such as linens, napkins, a 6 or 8 foot tablecloth, a round, 132-inch glasses, flatware, tables, pintuck tablecloths-132-inch round, and a broad range of tent choices. Apart from these equipment you can make a request from us to provide customized party rental equipment in all major cities including Bethesda MD.

Every occasion is distinct. Size of tent required for an event varies on several criteria, such as location, kind, number of guests, food served and whether or not there will be a band or DJ. The best size of the rent can be 16×32. Our skilled sales team can help you choose the right tent size for your occasion.
Our delivery charge varies depending on where you want your things delivered. Please contact us to get all information about pricing for your unique location.
The overall renting period is totally different for each type of client and equipment. However the minimum renting period is ten to twelve days. If you exceed the given days then the additional cost of the specific equipment will be added.
We offer a wide range of services such as glass ware, linen & napkins, flat ware & silver, tent tables, chairs, kids party supply and much more. If you are organizing any event then you can esality get all the essential rentals from this website.


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