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HIGH-QUALITY HEMMED EDGES: Add a classic touch to any place setting with these full-finished sleek, elegant, professional-grade table napkins. Party rental Vienna va. Clean-lined hemmed edges keep the shape of the cloth intact, use after use. FUNCTIONAL ELEGANCE: At 20″ x 20″, these cloth napkins are easily folded into elaborate designs for beautiful table presentations, or can be wrapped neatly around a set of utensils. They are large enough to completely cover your lap while dining, providing great functionality with chic design. Party rental Vienna va is the best on Napkins. STAIN & WRINKLE RESISTANT: Premium-weight, snugly woven 180 GSM (grams per square meter) hydraulic-loomed polyester combines luxurious texture with superior functionality, made to resist staining and wrinkling with no ironing needed. Party rental Vienna va best for you. RENT PER DAY $.35


Napkin 20x20

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